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Hello all – my first blog of 2014. So a happy Social New Year to you.

google-plus-red-logo-vectorFirst topic – Google plus. You may already have an account and not know it! If you have a Gmail  or a YouTube or an Adwords/Analytics account then you will have by default a Google Plus account.

So you have  it but what is it ? Google Plus is the search giant’s answer to Facebook and pretty much like Facebook its a great place to share pictures opinions and recommendations and if you are connected to businesses you will see those in your feed too. However better than that if you have a connection that is a plumber from Leicester and you Google ‘plumbers in Leicester’ then they will appear in your search results ! – at its base point that is a bonus if your business is in other ‘circles’.

To set up a business account is really quite simple and then you follow the step by step instructions in the same way you would set up a Facebook or Twitter business account it is really that simple.

So – what should you include in your Google+ profile ? again no surprizes here images are a great thing to post – images of success stories, photos and keep them updated -use an app and upload pictures straight from your smart phone  uploading video is still a great thing to post and guess what – Google’s relationship with YouTube the second biggest search engine in the world means there is a tie-in there too ! Make sure you include keywords and phrases – plumber in Leicester – you get the idea.

Use an address that is accurate – Google maps will help prospective clients find you. Include a ‘clickable’ telephone number and website link. Keep your account professional but dont forget the human side too. Update often and if you have a current project start to finish pictures are great.

The fact is if you have a Social Media Strategy its a bit of a ‘no-brainer’ to include Google+ in that strategy – Google are using this in search results and its a direct way of influencing those.

Need anymore advice ? Lets talk Im always happy to advise. DAUBEN - Simply Social logo

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