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Social Media Strategy Bitesize


Unlock the Power of Social Media for Your Business!

Event: Social Media Strategies for SMEs
Date: Tuesday 3rd September
Time: 1.30
Location: Zoom
Are you a small or medium-sized business looking to enhance your social media presence?

Join Mark Northall, a seasoned expert in social media strategies, for an engaging 90-minute presentation designed to help SMEs like yours thrive in the digital landscape. Whether you’re new to social media or looking to refine your current approach, this event will equip you with the tools and knowledge to make a significant impact.
What You’ll Learn:

The Importance of Social Media for SMEs: Discover how social media can drive growth and customer engagement with real-world success stories.
Audience Identification: Learn how to define and reach your target audience effectively.
Strategic Planning: Develop a robust social media strategy with clear, actionable goals tailored to your business needs.
Platform Selection: Identify the best social media platforms for your business and learn how to leverage them.
Content Creation: Get tips on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience.
Implementation & Management: Master the art of content scheduling, community building, and maintaining an active presence.
Performance Measurement: Understand key metrics and analytics to track your success and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Why Attend?

Professional Insights: Gain knowledge from Mark Northall, an authority in social media strategies with a proven track record of helping SMEs succeed.
Interactive Learning: Engage in a dynamic session with practical examples, step-by-step guides, and a chance to ask questions.
Actionable Takeaways: Walk away with tangible strategies, tools, and templates to implement immediately.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with other business owners and professionals to share experiences and insights.

Who Should Attend?

Small and medium-sized business owners
Marketing professionals
Entrepreneurs and startups
Anyone looking to enhance their social media skills

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your social media presence and drive your business forward!

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