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From a simple photo sharing website, Instagram has become one of the most effective sales medium for marketers who want to improve their reach and revenue. In fact, engagement on Instagram is 15 times higher than Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. You can begin using this social media site to promote your business and build a loyal following. Posting photos of your products and employees will make people feel closer to you, which can help you forge brand loyalty. Here are some tips on how to build your presence on Instagram.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags that are associated with your business makes it easy for people to find you. If you offer weight loss products, you can use #loseweightinaweek or #weightloss. You can look up hashtags that are used by similar brands and include them in your photos.


Give people an inside look at your company. Take photos of your employees in the office. Photos of upcoming products can also give them a sneak peek. This allows you to provide your followers with a real sense of how you do things and makes them feel they are a part of your brand. You can also encourage your customers to take a photo of them using your products and tag it with your hashtags. This will show others how to use your products and how many people are satisfied with it.


If you have a physical store or you travel around the country, state or city, you can use the Instagram’s geotagging feature. Take a photo of your store and tag your location to inform your followers about your whereabouts and where they can find you.

Hold Contests

You can hold photo contests to reward people. Ask fans to send in photos of them using your products and pick a winner among them. You can also ask them to send in photos that show something more abstract such as what think of when seeing something. Your followers and fans will share it with their friends who will want to join as well.

Promote Your Events

If you’re going to attend a convention or trade show, you should take photos and tag your location to inform your fans about what’s going on for your company. You can also take pictures of your sales flyer if you’re holding a big sale. This will make them feel more special as you can give them a VIP discount that only those who are using Instagram can get.

When you include Instagram in your marketing strategy, you can reach millions of people who may become your future customers. People love to be involved and share what they like. If you give them something they like such as good customer service, high-quality products, discounts and relevant information, they will surely share it with their friends. This can extend your reach and support your branding. If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, it is best that you make one now.

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