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It amazes me that as a nation in Britain we fail to ask the very people who can best vouch for us – our satisfied customers – if they can refer us to anyone they know !

You may have a feeling that your clients are happy with your service but having that in writing – or better still as a video – is invaluable in obtaining new clients. Here is an example of how not asking could be holding you back as a business:

‘Hi Dave, how’s things?’

‘Great – since that 1 to 1 session we had on linkedin Ive managed to get in front of that connection I wanted and I have another two lined-up for a chat next week’


Now later that month I met Dave at a networking event and asked him if he knew anyone who could benefit from our training – I was flabbergasted by what he said ‘ I didn’t know you were looking for new clients!’

The fact is sometimes you have to ask for referrals and testimonials. Don’t just assume that people know. Dave has referred two new 1 to 1 clients to me one of whom looks likely to become a managed solution.

Stephanie Testimonial

The fact is sometimes we have to ask – in fact ALWAYS ask – what is the worst that can happen ? They may say no but then that raises another question of customer satisfaction.

If I have worked with you before, and you would like to send a testimonial, feel free to email me. Those not used in the revamp of the web site may well be used in other marketing material. Do respond with a testimonial or a recommendation on LinkedIn. If we are not already linked, feel free to find me and ask to link up.

Would you like a chat on how referrals could grow your business – contact me Mark_019gravatar

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