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Ive got a bee in my bonnet and thought I would share it with you. This week in particular I have found to be a little frustrating is the plain lack of manners that seems prevalent in the local business community. The common courtesy that I feel should be extended to all is that if you are unable to make a business meeting that you let the host know ? At four networking events Ive attended there were unexplained absences and only in a couple of cases did the absentees give reasons for their ‘no-show’

Mark_019gravatarSo – where does this leave me with those people ? Well – will I entrust them with my business ? er not likely but more importantly would I feel able to recommend them to my clients, colleagues and friends – unlikely. They are doing damage to their reputation and probably don’t even realise it.

Potentially they are losing business without even knowing it. If I had a lead to give to, say, a website designer I would be much more likely to pass that lead to someone who I knew I could trust to turn-up, that I knew was reliable rather than one who failed to turn-up for what was after all a business meeting.

So the next time you feel like taking a duvet day or just look at a little poor weather outside, remember your greatest client or contact could be waiting at that meeting!

Coventry-20120803-00079Rant over and if you would like to talk to me about the networking events that I attend drop me a line and we will meet for a coffee ! – I will pay but  remember to turn up!


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