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The ill-fated attempt by Twitter to take some of the social media advertising revenue currently enjoyed by Facebook just got a little smarter. The Micro-blogger now has a plan and this is where it can really score for advertisers big and small. Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets have been replaced by campaigns and cost per click replaced by a pay only for action model. They will also offer advice in a ‘help me choose option’.

twitter-logoI have always advocated that you need to know what it is you hope to achieve from Social Media before you attempt a campaign large or small – so whether you are Coca-Cola or Robson’s Tiling you need to set goals and targets. Twitter’s new Advertizing lets you decide what you want from your budget and is uncomplicated in showing you how to get there.

The new Twitter dashboard offers the typical Geo-targeting, Budget, Total and Daily Budget and a Maximum bid.

Twitter developers have decreed that when using Twitter for business you should be aiming for one (or more) target. According to the Twitter Academy the main goal classifications to help marketeers create campaigns are listed below – If you need anymore help with your campaign just give me call


Goal: Grow Followers
If you’re just getting started with Twitter Ads and want to increase your follower base and brand recognition, setting up a Followers campaign is a great way to start.
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Goal: Website Clicks & Conversions
Are you looking to drive traffic to your website or increase sales? Set up a campaign that drives traffic using a website card and track conversions using the Twitter pixel.
Learn more
Goal: Tweet Engagements & Conversions
Boost your content to users beyond your current follower base by choosing this goal.
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Goal: Mobile App Installs
If you’re interested in driving more downloads or engagements with your mobile app you can consider setting up a mobile app install campaign. Learn how to set one up today.
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Goal: Lead Generation
Want to build your email list in order to engage with potential customers? Run a lead generation campaign to gather verified user information quickly and easily.
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