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The big news in Social Media this week is the introduction of Twitter ads. This puts Twitter in the same frame as Facebook and LinkedIn as the major social networks that allow marketers to target potential customers.
twitter-logoFor the first time, marketers can now manage Twitter ads from the same systems used to manage social listening, social content and social ads. In the same way that marketers can take an engaging Facebook post and turn it into a Sponsored Story on Facebook, they can now monitor engaging tweets and turn them into Promoted Tweets.
It seems odd that it has taken so long for Twitter to turn to this option but it is a natural progression and can only lend itself to quality and engaging content by brands and marketers. Initially the offering is only available to Twitter’s promoted products including promoted accounts and promoted tweets. Its seen as a major boost to the platform who like Facebook before them will benefit from third-party software developments thus cutting their own need to develop them.Mark_019gravatar
It is big news and with 96% of Twitters mobile users following on average over 10 brands each the battle for targeted advertising is good news for everyone associated with the company.
It surely can’t be long before Google+ and Pinterest follow suit using this well trodden path – watch this space

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