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In common with other social media platforms Pinterest is about to change its offering. Beginning sortly it will begin to roll out to certain invited ‘pinners’ a bigger brasher and bolder site. I have long thought that Pins could be bigger and so the new boards will be. PinsNow, when a user looks at a webpage for a specific photo or web clipping, they’ll be able to see other pins from the same board on the right-hand side. It uses the exact same mosaic-esque layout used on the home screen and individual boards, further extending Pinterest’s design ethos across the website.

Just underneath, users will able to see other pins sourced from the same website. So if, for example, you’re looking at a pair of incredible shoes, some of the pins underneath should show other pairs available on their online store. Likewise, a stunning landscape shot might have other snaps uploaded by the photographer to this website.

Pinterest  also now shows a board, covering the entire width of the webpage, that displays pins posted by other users who also pinned this content.

Follow? The idea is that if you’re interested or intrigued by a certain pin, the likelihood is that you’ll also enjoy other pins posted by that Pinterest user. The likelihood, however, is that more than one user has posted that image or link though – so the new feature offers a way to look at all of this related content collectively.

Mark_019gravatarWhen Pinterest rolled out the experiment in January, it said the new redesign would make the website quicker and faster for users to get around as well as improve navigation to make it more intuitive. I believe they have achieved that.

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