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Facebook have begun creating 2 feeds to Facebook, one for personal and paid Advert users and another called Explore, which is for Facebook business page owners and group owners.  The reason this is being rolled out is because, following a survey carried out by the Zuckerberg team, it has been established that users are fed up of having to constantly scroll past Ads and business page posts popping up in their timeline, when all they really want to do is to share stories with their family and friends.  Getting your company noticed on Facebook will be more difficult and you may have already noticed that your page reach stats are down.

So ‘Should I Jump Ship’?  I hear you say.  In a work no but only do that which works for you.  Save time and money by focusing on proven strategies.   You need to remember that 60% of consumers use Facebook as their first port of call when searching for a product before going anywhere else and that 80% are still more likely to buy from you if you have a credible Facebook business.  When you consider that the average Facebook user logs onto their account around 15 times a day, you’d be silly to not be on the platform.  HOWEVER, you do want to edge above your competitors who are not taking advantage of its use.  How?  By using a 5-step marketing strategy.

  1. Identify and Find your customer.

You need to get in front of the right people to be able to ‘laser target’ those that are most likely to buy from you by behavioural targeting. Facebook uses 3rd party data processors to build ‘user profiles’.  This is why, when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, ads pop up which relate to the product or subject you’ve been searching for.  It really is NOT magic!  There are actually processors in place that monitor what you search.  So, use this information that Facebook have collected to target those persons most likely to buy your products.

What will the benefits be from targeting your audience?

  • Better Return On Investment
  • Accelerate Growth
  • ONE place to find new customers
  1. Grab Their Attention

How?  By breaking through the ‘Noise’

Decided who it is you want to target and offer them something of value, something FREE that grab’s their attention, such as;

  • PDF – Cheat sheet
  • A ‘How To’ video
  • Giveaways
  • Discounts

Create High Converting Ads

Adverts that have;

  • Emotion
  • Motion
  • Colour

Stand out better.  Make sure your image ‘Pops’ out.  Images using the colours Orange, Green or Red are the best ones for grabbing people’s attention.

Control the Timing

Research the best times to post your advert by using the insight tool on your business Facebook page, which will tell you the optimum time your audience is on line and likely to view your page.

When you’ve done that create an advert that features your products and that will make you customers stop in their tracks to look at it instead of scrolling past.

  1. Start the Relationship

The last thing you want is for your potential customer to scroll past your advert thinking, ‘I’ll come back to that later’ because, as we all know, later never comes.  We always find something else to do!

Start your relationship by capturing your audiences’ information by

  • Creating a lead capture page – your viewer would need to provide their first name and email address before getting their Freebie.
  • Link your Ad to Messenger – your customer clicks on your Advert and they receive a ‘personal’ message via Messenger.
  1. Nurture Your Potential Customers

Make contact with those that have shown an interest in the Free stuff you’ve offered. For example, if you’re offering say, a Free Webinar and the customer has filled in the lead capture form, follow up with an email, outlining the webinar, the time, the date etc by email.  Find out how they are getting on with their freebie and if you can offer more help.  Why?

Because 85% of people who visit a store do not buy on their 1st visit and 98% of online shoppers don’t buy on their first visit either.

Build relationships with them in order to close the sale.  Keep your business in their minds and build momentum with them, so they get a great experience with you and then they will tell their family and friends about you.

  1. Close the Sale

How, as a small business, can you drive customers to buy from you?  Well, customers who receive follow up messaging are more likely to buy from you

  • Create your Facebook Ad
  • Click on the Ad to get to your lead page/offer
  • Click to get to your lead page/sign up
  • Deliver your Freebie
  • Develop your relationship, by follow up emails and a thank you for completing you lead page

So that’s it in a nutshell.  Don’t be put off by changes being made by Facebook.  If you follow the rules and don’t post stuff that isn’t interacted with, post stuff that is current and trending and get your audience to comment and like your posts, you still be able to get your business page before your targeted audience.

If you need any more help or advice, please do feel free to contact us here at, where we are always ready to help.

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