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So is it time to take a break from your Social Media marketing?

It’s no secret there’s a lot of uncertainty right now.  World events are affecting you and your followers daily which means your social media strategy may need to change. 

But when strategies change in our business, we sometimes lose sight of the overall goal.  

And on social media, no matter how your strategy changes, that goal should always be responsible communication and building strong communities. 

As marketers, we need to treat the status updates sent out with care knowing that real people are consuming these messages. 

One thing has followed me throughout my business life and even more so at times like we are experiencing right now is that it’s not B2B marketing or B2C marketing, it’s H2H marketing: Human to Human. 

It’s important right now that you don’t lose sight of your business goals but consider ways to alter your strategy and show up as a leader for your community.  After all, they are following you because they trust you. 

Continue to treat your followers as real people and talk to them about what’s resonating in their lives and yours.

In times of trouble all too often marketing is the first thing that is dropped when budgets are evaluated (and in particular digital marketing) in reality history tells us it’s the very time that we should be doubling our efforts.

I have noticed that from the conversations Ive had with my clients that many are taking this opportunity to review what they are doing and how they can take advantage of Social Media and extending their digital presence even further.

Think – with physical contact minimising how can you influence people – by being in their eyeline keeping you front of mind! Afterall with all this working from home chances are more checking of Social Media than ever is going on!

Want to know more? As about our Social Media Healthcheck!

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