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As SMEs we have a challenge out there in the wide world of business – how to be seen and how to appear bigger that we are. Well if you are reading this blog chances are you have found one of the ways you can appear larger to your prospective clients via an almost omnipotent presence by utilising the power of Social Media.

The other is by ‘getting out there’ pressing the flesh Networking.

Last week I attended 3 networking meetings in one day and filmed my journey as is the fashion nowadays ‘selfie-style’ – Here is my Video blog of the day – 151 miles 9 one to one meetings with like-minded business folk and two pieces of actual work which more than covered the costs of the day.

The intangible benefit of my journey will be the impressions made on those who saw me speak. You do have an advantage sometimes being small – use it. Enjoy the journey!

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