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How important is correct grammar to you when reading or indeed posting on Social Media? It seems to me that knowing a your from a you’re or a Ur is no longer important when trying to deliver your message to the masses. Other bones of contention are there, their or they’re and right, write or even rite!
interconnectedSome interesting examples I have read recently are loose instead of lose and even the use of the word irregardless (I’m still trying to work that one out!) The fact is I believe unless you are of a certain generation that the use of correct grammar just does not matter.
I’ve just had a frank conversation with my two step- daughters (teens and early twenties) as to how important it is to be correct in postings. The response was interesting to say the least, they thought that it was important for brands to be spot on but it would be positively frowned upon by their peer group if they were ‘too’ perfect with their postings!
It would seem that we are truly on a downward spiral and the death of the Queen’s English is nigh. Other evidence that we are on a slippery slope?

  • It’s is short for it is and its means belonging to
  • The incorrect use of ‘literally’ meaning it actually happened not figuratively happened
  • The use of affect rather than effect (one is a noun and one is a verb)

72954_10200416346996089_502553649_nMy particular favourite is using a possessive apostrophe for every plural used.
In conclusion I think your target audience should dictate your grammatical tone and bear in mind the wise words of the girls: Being too correct can also be a turn-off to your potential customers.
Those are my thoughts. I would welcome yours, as well as adding to the ‘rogue’s gallery’ of your particular pet hates on the grammar front.
Oh and I’m sure someone will find something not quite right in this post too

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