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Instagram is working on three new features, liking comments in live, reply to sponsored content and more

Instagram with the weight of Meta behind it, is one of the fastest growing social media applications. Since its release back in 2010, the social media platform has shown a lot of new changes over time.

As other competitive applications kept emerging, Instagram also kept working to ensure that the platform stayed up to date with what users wanted. Once again, the social media application is working on features meant to help users with accessibility. According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a social media leaker and mobile developer, Instagram is working on three different features. Alessandro posted on his Twitter account that Instagram is working to make replies possible on sponsored posts and reels. The application is also looking forward to renaming the Ads goal features, and lastly, the application is also working to enable its users to like and react to comments during live sessions.

Lately many other new features also made their debut. The most recent feature released by the application globally allows the story viewer to like the story without entering the direct message of the poster.

As highlighted by Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, the new feature will allow users to appreciate a story without disturbing direct messages. The person who’ll like a story can only be seen by the poster. No other viewer can know anything about it.

Similarly, a few weeks back, another feature was rolled out by the application. The feature named as, “Take a Break” is actually meant for young users and those who spend a lot of time scrolling their feeds. During the lockdown period, the average screen time went significantly up, in order to lower it once again , this feature was introduced. The feature was introduced back in November 2021, after the beta version was released, Take a break was released globally. It is not a fixed reminder and can be turned off if the user wants too. It can also be adjusted accordingly to the user’s preferred time.

Currently, Instagram is keeping its main focus on stories and reels. Out of three upcoming features mentioned by Alessandro Paluzzi, two of them are linked with stories and reels. Previously, like on a story feature is also a part of the same category.

Renaming the Ads goal feature can help to make it appear more attractive. Not only will it attract more users, but it can bring advertising brands as well.

Currently, these features are still under development and will take some time before being released worldwide.

All these developments, as soon as they are live, will be included in the Instagram Bitesize course – further details

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