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Ok so Friday arrived and blog for this week remained unwritten. This largely down to traveling the region in my capacity as Regional leader of the national organisation 4Networking. I worked out this afternoon I have eaten 4 breakfasts (admittedly of varying quality!) and travelled over 350 miles in the process!

The one thing that has been constant is the enquiries I have received about my grandson Orry who has had a rather checkered first month on the planet – for those of you that didnt read the earlier stuff there are links here and here . I thought I would just write an update blog.

Orry 3 months I pleased to announce hes doing well and doing all the stuff that baby’s of his age ought to be. His Mom and Dad have now moved into their own place and the family are really getting to know each other well! I know that they are all grateful for the messages of support that they have received from friends and family and the tremendous skill shown by the medical staff to whom Orry Neil James Northall owes his life. They will never be able to repay that.

We are under no illusion that there are still bridges to cross as he grows up but at 3 months all is good and I hope when hes old enough to read this he recalls how his grandad reported his progress and indeed hopefully wonders what all the fuss was about !

His Uncles and myself committed to fundraise for the Birmingham Womens Hospital who have done so much to get us this far – watch this space for more news on that. Happy Weekend everyone.


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