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fbIve spent this week battling with various plugins on wordpress to enable easy sharing of my web posts and I seem to be winning. It all stems from an email I had from a follower who was keen to share the content that I had created easily. It started me thinking – how do you share your stories with a wider audience ?

Most of the social platforms will have a quasi plugin that allows consumers of your data to quickly and easily share it with their followers and fans and it makes more sence to make this as visable as possible.Giving this option for  new visitors or current visitors can generate a lot of traffic and spread your name faster.

google-plus-red-logo-vectorThere is a factor that should be considered as well when thinking about adding sharing buttons to a webpage or website. First of all is your content worth sharing? Are you providing just a product or promotion? Does the content you want your visitors to share provide instructional information and is it bringing worthwhile share status. If your believe your content is good enough quality and should be shared you should definitely have sharing options available.

Lets consider some of the ‘plug-in’ options available for easy sharing on your website – AddThis – one of the top providers can share with over 300 platforms and includes Pinterest in its offering. ShareThis – probably the most common practially all sites can use this not just wordpress. Sharexy a very flexible offering and twitter-logobuttons can be styled and placed anywhere on a site.Sideshare is really what it says on the tin – a sidebar that can be quite easily customised mainly used on wordpress.

My favourite and plugin of choice is LoginRadius a WordPress special that, if you follow the instructions, is quite simple to install and style using a tick box system.

Remember whichever plugin you use will make your site more sharable and therefore get your content out to a wider audience and thats in the end what we all want. If you want more advice on sharing drop me a line.

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