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As the financial pressures continue to mount and prospects for the majority of the UK population ever being able to look forward to a comfortable retirement, it has been estimated that as much as £80 billion is locked away in preserved or dormant pensions which are unlikely to provide any worthwhile financial benefits to the recipient.

chqIt is not unusual as people advance through their working life to have several pensions that might only produce just a few pounds per month, for example,

£10,000 in a pension is worth approximately £11.50 per week based on present annuity rates and even a £100,000   pension pot is only going to produce an income of less than £500 per month, to top it all, that’s taxable

Many People have chosen a financial solutions company,to  assist their clients in tracing and evaluating their treasure buried in the vaults of the pension companies and helping them in turning it into financial benefits that could have a major impact on their lives and lifestyle.

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