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Self-Branding and Social – what’s it all about ?

So I fought for it I moaned about it and in the end argued with the Techies about it but here it is my very own personal brand website. I guess I have had all the self doubt arguments all the very ‘British’ thoughts that I should blend in with the crowd and like we are all tought at school be a number and not make a fuss ! Well that’s all out of the window as I don my megaphone and begin to shout it from the rooftops!


Mark_019gravatarFrom the first time I ever heard of ‘the Facebook’ as it was famously called in the film loosely based on Zuckerbergs inception of the Worlds greatest Social Platform I began to understand the power of ‘Social’ In those early days where I experimented with what was best for the professional practice I was then representing to the dozens of SMEs I am currently using my tried and tested formulae to gain leads and business for I have morphed into what could be called an ‘expert’.


Add to that the personal coaching and I was soon into the hundreds with those I have helped so far. That’s it you see ‘help’ is what I do. As much as Im an expert I see my role to help – In my next blog I will talk about stats and impact but for today I thought I would slightly raise my head above the parapet as say Hi – Im an expert  – How can I help ?

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