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Ok I fully admit I’ve been lazy where Google + is concerned. I created a profile did a few posts and paid lip service to creating a business page but never given it the place in my social media marketing it deserved – until now.

google-plus-red-logo-vectorI was asked by a client to major on the platform and found myself being very quickly drawn into it. From the first ushering into the ‘My Business’ arena until the full integration with both YouTube channels as well as g+ I was pretty much hooked. You see something has changed Google+ just got easier to manage.

The metamorphosis from ugly duckling to swan is as stark as it is pleasing. The only thing I do find ‘clunky’ besides the painstakingly slow validation process (it can take a couple of weeks for them to send you a postcard by smailmail) is the insistence with putting contacts into circles at the time you connect – small price to pay but still a little annoying as you try to build connections.

The best way to build connections, surprize surprize, is to import Gmail address book connections but failing that then the search facility is now much improved and searching by geographical location and or interests should put you into communities which is a great way of starting virtual relationships.

If you are creating content for your other platforms then Google + should just be another easy extension to your Social Media armoury and not become burdensome.DAUBEN - Simply Social logo

I’m surprized how much it has impressed me and I will be using it and recommending it going forward.

Can I suggest that you follow me here and we connect up? I’m always happy to help you if you get stuck anywhere along the line.

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