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In Social Media as in life the one true constant is change and as I was delivering some one to one training on Tuesday I noticed a new option to migrate to a  new look. The fact is Facebook on Monday introduced a new design for Facebook fan pages, making things such as key performance indicators more easily visible for managers and administrators, and location info easier to find for fans. Having not tried out the new page or even been aware of it I needed to test drive it first.

Mark_019gravatarMy verdict? I love it has an altogether more modern feel majors heavily on analytics and should be a godsend to Social Media Managers and Marketeers alike.

However, this move also signals that Facebook is moving away from tabs — which have been a popular tool for many Facebook marketeers There is a definite move towards including everything in that base newsfeed as the platform continues towards making everything on the site uniform.

A snapshot of my new clients page is shown below as well as a link so that you can see the look and feel of it or you can click through to check out the new page here.

Not all pages have the new look yet but by the middle of the month you will have to migrate across to the new look or it will happen automatically.

If I can help you with your Strategy or any aspect of Social Media training just ask.

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