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So, in the lead up to Christmas you’ve been posting out all your company offers and competitions, but now you’re going to be closed for the festive season.  Are you worried about your Social Media presence whilst you’re away?  Here are a couple of tips to ease your panic.

Update your information

We all know that social media has become the first point of call for people nowadays to find out about information on businesses, especially things like their opening times and current offers.  Not everyone is open at the same time over Christmas, so make sure you post onto your business pages a list of your opening and closing times.   This is easy to do on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by simply adding an image as shown below;

If you don’t have an image or are limited for space, try changing the links to lead to a specific blog post showing the change of hours by using a URL that leads back to it.   Share the post over all your social media platforms, if you’re really worried about the information being missed.

Schedule your content

Whilst your business is closed, and your social media person is on holiday too, the best way to ensure that you still maintain a presence over the season is to schedule posts using apps such as Hootsuite or Buffer, which allows posts to be scheduled for free using their apps.   The free version does restrict the number of platforms you can post to, but there should be sufficient to get you through the holiday period.

Don’t stress too much, just as long as something is being posted using a scheduling tool and your account is not just sitting there dormant, the page will tick over.  The main thing is to enjoy the break and not worry about your social media pages whilst you do it.

We all here, at would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to catching up with you all again in 2018

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