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I was doing some one to one training today and as usual I was preparing to go through the whole social media MOT when my ‘student’ cut to the chase and requested we went deeper into LinkedIn. With good reason his profile was out of date and didnt reflect his current roles.

Digital Profiles under scrutiny

Yours or the Companys ?

Profiles are the most important part of any LinkedIn account – its your ‘business card’ online but shouldnt neccessarily read like a CV. Getting over main points in a succinct way that flows and reads well is the key to a winning and engaging resume. Straplines should be eye-catching and reflect what potential clients and joint-venture partners can expect from you – MD of ABC Company – may describe what you do but it won’t stand out from the multitude of profiles on there. We worked a full 20 minutes on his strapline alone and by the time his profile was complete much of the two hour session was used up. That said he was very pleased with the end result.

We also touched on group memberships and went through a cull of groups that had had no meaningful recent input (important that this is done – no point in being the only active member in a group!).

Finally we went through the advanced search facility – which YOU ought to use to look for your target audience its highly versatile but one of LinkedIn’s best kept secrets !

LinkedIn is one of the platforms discussed on our Social Media Action Mornings – the next one is elsewhere on this site. We are lucky to have one of the region’s foremost Linkedin experts Ian Richards of SimplyLinkedin joining us for the next action morning and he will be teaching the LinkedIn section of the course.

Mark_019gravatarIf I can be of any help with your LinkedIn training please get in touch – You really do need to be up-to-date with the premier business platform if you are serious about growing your business through social.



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