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Going forward, the way people will review your business with Recommendations. Now, instead of rating your business on a 5-star scale, customers will simply answer whether they recommend your business with a “Yes” or “No” – just as they would in a regular conversation. See how these changes can help you establish your reputation and attract more customers

One in three people on Facebook use the platform to look for recommendations and reviews.*

What’s changing?

  1. Ratings are now Recommendations. Now, when people want to write a review, they can simply choose to recommend or not recommend your business.
  2. Easier ways for people to make recommendations. People who tag your business in a photo or post will be asked if they want to publicly recommend your business, making it easier to get recommendations.
  3. More information for you and your customers. Customers can share important details by adding text or photos, or by selecting tags, such as “Cosy atmosphere” or “Great service”.
  4. Existing reviews updated to recommendations. Any existing reviews you’ve earned will still appear on your Page as recommendations.

Authentic recommendations

Facebook understands that authentic recommendations are important to get and keep customers. That’s why they are making it easy to report content in recommendations that is fraudulent, spam or paid for.

Reach people as they are making decisions

Recommendations appear on your Page and are discoverable across Facebook when people are searching for or talking about your business. Because Facebook know that people trust the opinions of those they know best, these recommendations will be surfaced most prominently.

Taking advantage

So to take advantage of this new move by the Social Media giants just be as genuine and authentic as you can and be aware that it is even easier to recommend but on the flip-side just as easy not to!

*”Local shopping study” by Factworks, Apr-May 2017

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