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You may have noticed a few changes at Zuckerberg Towers just lately, both on the personal and Fan page front. As is normal with these changes they came without announcement and out of the blue.

fbThe personal changes I feel have given Facebook a new crisp feel and I like them. The all new ‘about’ page collects together your work and education, your relationships, family connections, contact info as well as listing your friends with the most recent interactions at the top.This is summarised concisely and neatly down the left of your profile. As I said I think this is a more logical layout and it appears to have modernised the whole platform.

On the Fan page front the change is the reply function this will allow you as a page admin, as well as your fans, to reply to individual comments on each of your posts. This allows for more of a flowing conversation which is common to many other platforms.

I feel this will make discussions easier to follow and will allow you to reply to fans individually which will continue the conversation since they are getting individual attention. It also allows your fans to reply directly to each other and if you are giving them a forum then your page will benefit. Previously, if too many comments happened since a particular comment you wanted to reply to, it was hard to indicate who exactly you were talking to and this probably stopped some people from replying at all.72954_10200416346996089_502553649_n

Currently this is a feature that page admins need to turn on and agree to. To see this option, make sure that your admin panel is collapsed by clicking the Hide button, if necessary, click turn on replies and you are away! This is still being rolled-out so dont worry if you dont have the capability yet – you will soon.

If you need any help with either of these changes contact me Im happy to spend some time going through the changes.

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