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Need to accomplish more with LinkedIn video? Searching for thoughts and motivation for your LinkedIn video showcasing? In this article, you’ll find four different ways to distribute LinkedIn video you may not have thought of

1 Share Curated Resources With Your Viewers

You don’t have to share shiny new thoughts or ideas to be effective with LinkedIn video. You can deliver high value by sharing an asset in your industry that you’ve enjoyed. Here are a few things to ask yourself :

·        Have I tuned in to a podcast that impressed me?

·        Have I read a book that changed my point of view regarding something?

·        Have I viewed a video or an article as that I bookmarked and can’t stop talking about?

·        Have I discovered some new information today that I can share?

Curating and sharing insightful content or breaking news are phenomenal ways to demonstrate you’re dynamic in your industry. Focusing on another person’s work reduces the pressure that accompanies creating your own video content.

Master Tip: Next time you go to a meeting, seminar or a training event, pause for a moment during or after the event to shoot a snappy video sharing something you gained from a speaker. Make a point to tag the speaker and add the event hashtag to draw in individual participants and followers.

2 Present Q&A Style Interviews

On the off chance that you find a monolog on-camera threatening, attempt a meeting style video. You’ll discover many videos appearing on LinkedIn, made by clients who concentrate on experts in their network who are doing intriguing work.

One alternative for your very own video is to have a meeting face to face in a space with good lighting and little background noise.

If an in-person meet isn’t available, record a video call. While numerous video conferencing choices are accessible, ensure you use a platform that offers meeting recording. Two popular options are Zoom, which provides free recording and meeting hosting up to 40 minutes, and Skype for Business, which is available to Office 365 Business users.

Master Tip: If you have your own digital broadcast that serves the business network, why not share it locally on LinkedIn? Post a bit of your webcast with a link to the full version.

3 Repurpose Your Most Popular Written Content

If you’ve distributed articles on LinkedIn that have collected high engagement, you have potential material for a video.

So instead of making fresh content for a LinkedIn video, the most viewed area of an article that has a good amount of engagement on it, can turn into a bite sized video, using the content as a script.

Master Tip: If you’ve distributed articles yet at the same time aren’t sure which parts you should record on video, here’s a simple hack: look at the remarks area of your article and search for statements that are being shared regularly. Your following is revealing to you what’s impacting them.

4  Use Video to Participate in Existing LinkedIn Hashtag Campaigns

Lots of LinkedIn users become video makers by taking an interest in trending hashtag campaigns that are already well supported, such at the LinkedIn #inittogether campaign. Join in by simply videoing your answer to the question, ‘What are you in it for?’ and post your video onto LinkedIn using the hashtag #inittogether.

There are several LinkedIn hashtag campaigns that you can join in with, such as #10tips10days etc. You can find video campaigns using your LinkedIn news feed. Quite often you will find video campaigns popping up using a particular hashtag.

Failing that, actually look for hashtags on LinkedIn. On the left-hand side of your news feed you will find Communities. Just click on the ‘pencil’ sign and add your favourite hashtags, you can always add more.

On the Discover More page, you can see which points are trending and how many followers there are.  

Checking this area every now and again encourages you keep on top of new LinkedIn hashtag campaigns that you might want to join in with.  

Create your own style of video. If it makes you nervous appearing on video, try doing some practice ones that friends can have a look at and offer constructive criticism on. Decide on your style. Are you happier doing it live and on the run, or do you prefer to be more organised, with a script and in a ‘set like’ scenario? There are several ways you can produce a video for LinkedIn, choose one that suits you and your style best. Build up a ‘style’ that you become know for, for example, posting videos that are laid back, or posting videos that are quite informative or regimented.

What do you think? What kinds of video do you share on LinkedIn? Have you at any point ever participated in LinkedIn hashtag campaigns? Feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

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