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Following up from my last post where I gave you my thoughts on where Social was going in 2015 lets expand on the point of 2015 being the year of video and in particularly YouTube. I’m constantly asked where and how to start with video. Whilst there are no cast iron rules on what does and doesn’t work its worth bearing in mind that certain actions will help you be found online which from a marketing point of you has to be the main concern.
YOUTUBEThe first thing to consider is that YouTube belongs to Google and is second only in search engine terms to its owner! Therefore the first thing to do is identify what people want and give it to them. Sounds simple and obvious but by using certain online tools and even the predictive terms that come up in YouTube’s search bar you can get an indication. Search or better still ask a trusted colleague or Client how they would find you then create the content to match. A great tool to use is Google keyword planner, there you go, no excuse Google themselves even help you with keywords that potential clients are using to find you!
A key thing to remember with your video is that you will have to put a pretty descriptive narrative together with keywords when posting to your YouTube channel. As good as YouTube and Google are they need some help in indicating the key content in your video!google-plus-red-logo-vector
Finally I’m asked how long should my video be? That’s a hard one, what you should ask yourself is how long does it take to get the message across it could be as long as 30 minutes as a rule of thumb between 3-7 minutes yet I have had the most success with offerings around the 60 second mark.
There you go – How do you use YouTube? Need more help ? Contact me for a no obligation chat.

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